What is “my account”?

When you purchase a product from us you may want to create an account. When you create an account with us you can navigate to the main menu -> shop -> “my account” and check your order status, view past purchases, download already purchased products, edit your billing and shipping address, edit your password and change payment information.

Why does my cart page sometimes shows up blank?

Some browsers have a tough time dealing with this page. Just click the cart button on our menu again to reload the page.

Do you store my credit card information on your website?

No. We use our trusted partners (Paypal and Stripe) to process your payments so your payment information never gets stored in our servers.

Is your website secure?

Yes. We use a 2048 bit SSL with 256 bit encryption to secure our website. The same method most major online retailers and banks do.

Do you sell my information to anyone?

No. We take privacy very seriously. We only use your information at the time of checkout to process your payments. If you opt-in to our newsletter we will use your information to send you news related emails which you can always opt out of in the future. That’s it.

You can read our full terms & conditions here.